Across the state, parents and volunteers organize local USAW/TWF sanctioned clubs to responsibly foster, train, and develop young wrestlers to achieve their full human and athletic potential. USA wrestling off-season amateur mat programs, have long been t
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USWOA Official's Membership Information

Membership benefits include secondary, non-duplicating sports accident insurance provided by an outside carrier. The USWOA membership is not affiliated with TWF. This insurance coverage includes a deductible, co-payment provisions and other conditions of the policy (details will be provided to club administrators); limited liability insurance (per the conditions of the policy); a one-year subscription to USA Wrestling; a copy of the international rule book; discounts on wrestling equipment and apparel; and other national discount programs as they become available; voting privileges at USWOA general meetings.

The United States Wrestling Officials Association handles membership in the USWOA. For more information, write:

USWOA, 2616 Hamilton Avenue 
Glenshaw, PA 15116 

This card may not be used for competition.

All USA Wrestling memberships can be purchased online at the USA Wrestling website's membership page at