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*** Pre-season rankings are based largely on information from last year and some wrestlers may be wrestling in different weight classes currently. As the season progresses and wrestlers move weights your ranking may move up, down, or off the rankings all together based on the competition in that particular weight class.***

Division 1
Provided by
 Joshua Boskin

Division 2
Provided by
Garrett House


103 lbs

1.        Jacob Maples (Mont Cent) Sophomore -
Along with Roberts, if he can hold his wait at 103 for another season he is front runner for the 103 lb weight class. Maples is a good size 103, solid on his feet and tough on top.

2.        Donovan Roberts  (NW) Senior- 
the second returning State Medalist I see that maybe can stay at 103 lbs.  He is a big strong kid and if he can stay on 103 for his final season he should start the season as one of the favorite.

3.        Tyler Smith (Houston) Junior -
Do not know a lot about Smith but he made it to the round to place last season losing a close match to Roberts.

4.        Chris Palacio (RB) Sophomore -
Not a great showing last year in the state tournament but has been very busy this summer, doing very well at some off season tournaments.

5.        Austin Stevison (Cleveland) Freshman -
Very talented freshman coming in for Cleveland. This kid is fun to watch. A smaller 103 but gets after it the whole match.  An unorthadoxed wrestler on his feet and tough on top.

6.        Dakota Bromley (Bradley) Sophomore -
Wrestling behind a tough Climer last year, I see Bromley stepping in to make some noise.  Bromley has been active in National Tournaments all summer and anyone coming out of the Bradley room is going to be a competitive.



1.    Jacob Freeman (RW) Sophomore - 
Freeman is the top dog b/c I believe Crutcher will be at 119.  After watching this kid wrestle I was very impressed.  Stays in great position and goes hard the whole match.  

2.    Kendal Kermick (Germ) Senior -
Very Very tough kid who puts in the time.  I would not put it past him to win it this year.  He wrestles hard and solid in all three positions.  

3.    Jacob Stevens (Soddy) Sophomore -
Rumor tells me he is going to make 112.  He will be a BIG 112.  Stevens is a great wrestler and is very dangerous upper body. 

4.    Austin Oliver (Cleveland) Sophomore -
Returning State Finalist at 103.  It is common that when a wrestler makes the jump from 103 to 112 they tend to have some trouble with the change.  If Oliver can adapt to these 112 lbs he can definitely be a threat.

5.    Caleb Langford (WV) Sophomore -
If Langford makes 112 he might just be bigger than Stevens.  Caleb is a dangerous wrestler, solid in all three positions.

6.    Tanner Bates (Mt. J) Senior -
Not sure if Tanner can hold his weight down for his final season but if he does I see him getting his first State Medal this year.

Ones To Watch: Tanner Bates- Mt. Juliet, Jeremy Gonzalez- Ross, Jacob Climer-Bradley, Nick Insalaco-Wilson, Brandon Greer-Antioch 



1.    Dandre Morrison (NW) Senior -
Only reason I have Morrison first is b/c Hames and Boone wont be at 119.  This kid is very tough though. Very athletic and great on his feet.

2.    Jerricho Crutcher (Bradley) Junior -
Returning finalist at 112. Crutcher, like Most Bears is very tough on top.  He is a lanky wrestler and very aggressive.

3.    Nick Maxwell (Karns)  Senior-
Seems as if the kids been around forever.  I don't see him having the tools to win it all but is definitely a contender.  Decent on his feet, but his strength is on top.

4.    Tyler Harvey (Ooltewah) Senior-
Tough kid and stays in great position. Returning medalist at 119.

5.    Devon Teaster (Heritage) Senior -
If he can hold his weight he will be a threat.  Very tough kid losing a close match to Morrison at State Tournament last year. Lost to the 3rd and 4th place finishers

6.    Alex Bennet (Franklin) Sophomore -
Had some good wins last year.  If he is still at 119 I see him sneaking in and placing.

Ones To Watch: Joel Simpkins- Cleveland, Ernie Overton-Independence


125 lbs

1.    Ethan Hames (Bradley) Senior -
Only kid that can go with Ethan is Boone and I see Boone around 130. Ethan will get his 3rd State Title this year.  Great on his feet and solid on top.

2.    Eric Feurbacher (Blackman) Senior-
Not really a sleeper but not very well known.  Eric is a go-getter, decent on his feet but excels on the mat.  Along with Hall, due to his experience his shot to meeting Hames is good.

3.    Luke Hall (Seymour) Senior -
I think Hall has a good shot shot to make the finals here due to his experience.  He is a tough wrestler with a huge gas tank.

4.    Steven Goldstein (The Hill) Junior -
Steven is very explosive and state in great position. He will get another state medal this year.

5.    Haden Hamilton (Cleveland) Sophomore -
Had some big wins last year.  Lost to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers at state last year at 119.  Decent on his feet,  but with the pins to show from last year, he excels on top.

6.    Chad Isbell (Clarksville) Junior -
Don't know a lot about Isbell, but had some good wins last year and coming from the Clarksville program the kid will know how to wrestle.




1.     Cambell Lewis (Soddy)-

I think that Lewis will get his 3rd title but it will not be easy this year.  Lewis is a winner and finds way to win, and has proven this on every level he has competed at.

2.     Jack Boone (ND) Junior -
If these two are both at 130, get ready for a fun finals match.

3.     Scott Seaman (Mt. J) Senior -
Returning finalist at 130.  Very funky wrestler, tough with legs on top.

4.     Logan Henley (SM) Senior -
With Lennon working with Logan now is potential is unlimited.  Expect a high finish from Logan.

5.     Tyler Schuch (Bradley) Junior -
Tough kid, good on top,and scrambles well.

6.     Ryan Churchill (RW) Senior
Has the ability to beat the best kids.

Ones To Watch: Caleb Little-Independence, Brandon Strictland-Cleveland, Gabe Hamilton-Brentwood, Aaron Hudson-Bradley


135 lbs


1.     Marvin Lopez (Cleveland) Senior

Lopez is a bruiser with a huge gas tank. He is never out of the match due to this and his ability to throw. I see him getting his second title here.

2.     Austin Woods (Franklin) Junior -
His match with Lopez at state last year showed that Woods in very talented. Great in all three positions, his conditioning hurt him in that match.  Very capable of winning it all though.

3.     Zach Sharp (RB) Sophomore -
Unorthodoxed wrestler and is very hard to wrestler. Sharp is very dangerous and is also never out of the match.

4.     Matt Price (Mont. Central) Senior
Very tough and is a strong wrestler. Look to make some noise is last year.

5.     Aaron Hudson (Bradley) Senior-
Wrestling behind Hames and Schuch last year, Hudson is very talented and can go with anyone in the state.

6.     Scott Seamen (Mt. Juliet) Junior-
Like his brother, he excels in his riding abilities


140 lbs 


1.     Aaron Lopez (Cleveland) Sophomore
Only reason Lopez is ranked above Jordan here is based on his active summer wrestling.  Lopez is a funky wrestler and very tough on tough.  I see both Lopez boys winning this year.

2.     Hayden Jordan (Clarksville) Junior -
Jordan stays is great position and very tough on top.

3.     Tyler Pitts (Bradley) Senior -
I know Tyler has gained some weight and is strong.  I see him having a strong season since his weight cut wont be as bad.

4.     Jonathan Bridwell (Ckville) Senior -
Birdwell is very hard to score on and his tough on top with bars and cradles.

5.     Logan Sharp (RB) Junior -
Sharp is very strong and rides well on top. 

6.     Nathan Molina (Heritage) Senior -
Along with Lopez, Molina has been very active this summer with the hopes of making a run his senior year.


145 lbs


1.     Jeremy Miller (Grenback) Senior -
Jeremy will get his second title, first one being in 8th grade. GREAT on the mat and scrambles well

2.     Turbo Smith (Soddy) Sophomore -
Very though on his feet and hard to score on.  Has the ability to throw if needed. Only thing I see costing him a state title is his ability on top and bottom.

3.     Bradley Colbaugh (Bradley) Senior -
He split with Turbo last year, therefore could easily be in the 2nd spot.  Colbaugh is very powerful and tough on his feet.

4.     Josue Brown (HL) Senior -
Workhorse.  Kid is everywhere wrestling and goes hard.

5.     Zach Bennet (Franklin) Senior -
Tough kid with a lot of potential.  He will get his second state medal this year.

6.     Edward Holland (PF) Senior -
Lost OT match with Bennet to cost him a state medal.  He is very tough and will be a medalist this year.

Ones To Watch: Ryan Powell-Silverdale, Andrew Brimer- Mo. West


152 lbs

1.     Brennan Cox (Independence) Senior -
TOUGH kid and stay in great position. He will get his second state title.

2.     Holden Schay (Houston) Junior -
 Very Strong kid at 152. Hard to score on.

3.     Chris Epperson (Ckville) Senior -
Lost OT match to medal last year. Tough on top and hard to score on.

4.     Tyler Adams (Kingston) Senior -
Puts in a lot of work. Very technical, and if he can stay healthy all year will earn his first state medal

5.     Jonathan Roberts (Beech) Senior -
Hard working kid and will get a state medal his final season

6.     Keagan Matlock (Heritage) Junior -
Wrestled in some off season tournaments.  Will earn his first medal.

Ones To Watch: Tyler Johnson-Jeff County


160 lbs


1.     McCoy Newberg (Independence) Junior

Decent on his feet, great ability to scramble, and rides well on top.  Will earn his first state title this year

2.     John Schrader  (Franklin)  Junior -

Very good on his feet. Did a lot of summer tournaments. Will be hard to beat.

3.     Isaiah Nichols (Cleveland) Senior -

Very explosive wrestler, had a 1 point match with Newberg at the Independence Tournament and Schrader at State.

4.     Richard Manning (Ooltewah) Senior -

Had a great season last year with wins of state finalist.  Lost early at state tournament last year and got put out. He will earn his first state medal.

5.     Blake Henry (Soddy) Sophomore -

Long and lanky wrestler who is very dangerous.

6.     Matt Stull (Science Hill) Senior -


Ones To Watch: Jacob Bailey-Bradley, Jonathon Roberts-Beech


171 lbs


1.     Scott Boykin (Riverdale) Sophomore -

Very athletic tough kid with the ability to throw.  Freshman NHSCA All-American

2.     Justin Mathieson (Hixson) Junior -

Hurt at State tournament last year. NHSCA AA. Very Talented

3.     Hunter Badon (Arlington) Senior -

4.     Shawn Royer (Millington) Senior -

Round away from placing last year.

5.     Jarrat McGaha (Clarksville) Senior -

No info

6.     Austin Cardona (Kenwood) Junior -


189 lbs

1.     Cody Davis (PF) Junior -
Unless he gets hurt he will be the Champ. Big, Strong, and very tough on top.

2.     Rakim Talley (DC) Senior -
Very athletic and tough on his feet. Only real threat to Davis

3.     Adam Wells (Blackman) Senior- 
Will win most of his matches with his conditioning.

4.     Peyton Landers (Beardon) Senior -
Long, Lanky. State placer the previous year.

5.     Blake Biggs (Mt. Juliet) Senior -
If he has the same frame at 189 as he did at 171, this cat will be HUGE.  He Had some big wins last year.


215 lbs

1.     Michael Kennedy (Blackman) Senior -
Very talented big man, Excellent on his feet and on top.  Conditioning would be the only factor.

2.     Tucker Bolton (Bradley) Senior -
|If Bolton does end up staying at 215, he will give Kennedy all he wants.  Bolton is decent on his feet but excels on top.  Conditioning is not a factor here

3.     Billy Sawanson (Soddy) Junior -
Wrestled all summer.  very tough kid who is hard to score on. 

4.     Jesse Jones (Cleveland) Junior -
Very strong, athletic big guy. If the two above are at this weight it will be a fight for 3rd place.

5.     Yusuf Yunis (Ross) Senior -
Started off season really well last year.  Has a lot of potential.  Good on his feet but conditioning is a factor.



1.     Patrick Benson (Bradley) Junior -
For just starting two years ago this kid is good.  Big strong HWT and is tough in all positions

2.     T.J Satterfield (WB) Junior -
A little undersized for HWT but has a gas tank and goes hard. 3rd at 215 in
last year

3.     Shawn Morgan (Mary) Senior -
Has wrestled all summer and has the ability to win it.

4.     Graham Smith (Blackman) Senior- Works out with Kennedy and Hamm, he will be tough to beat.      

5.     Alex Seeley (Soddy) Junior -
Very big HWT who is well coached.

6.     Tyler Bond (Ross) Senior -
Good workout partners. Close matches with medalist from last year.

7.     Chase Pennycuff (Siegel) Senior -
Very strong HWT and has the ability to throw.