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*** Pre-season rankings are based largely on information from last year and some wrestlers may be wrestling in different weight classes currently. As the season progresses and wrestlers move weights your ranking may move up, down, or off the rankings all together based on the competition in that particular weight class.***

Division 2
Provided by
Garrett House

 103 lbs

1.        Cole Holloway (Baylor) 8th

2.        James Connel (McCallie) 10th 

3.        Bailey Wittman (Christian Brothers) 9th


4.        Unranked


5.        Unranked

6.        Unranked


A weight where we don’t know a lot of the contenders… as is normal for 103.  Holloway was the middle school state champ last year with Wittman the runner-up.


1.    John Olsen  (Battle Ground Academy) 10th 


2.    Alex Elsea (McCallie) 10th


3.    John Eady (Baylor) 11th


4.    Nick Gray (Christian Brothers) 10th


5.    Casey Ortale (Montgomery Bell Academy) 11th


  1. Unranked


This weight starts out much the same as it ended at 103 last year with the exception of the state champion Akers moving up several weights and Eady certifying to remain at 112.  As the wrestlers move up in weight the size advantages may play less a factor and the wrestlers improving the most will take the lead.


1.    Tate Robinson  (Christian Brothers) 9th 


2.    Brandon Brunner (Baylor) 10th


3.    James Bond (St. Benedict) 12th


4.    Brandon Abraham (Briarcrest) 11th


5.    Unranked


6.    Unranked


Another weight where all of the players aren’t known but the top 2 clearly stand-out.  Brunner was the DI state champion at 103 for Tullahoma High School while Robinson brings in national credentials including All-American finishes at 112 in both USAW folkstyle and freestyle nationals.  Robinson and Brunner met several times as youth wrestlers.  Bond and Abraham round out the returning medalists.


1.    Alex Ward (McCallie) 11th 


2.    Mike Akers (Father Ryan) 10th


3.    Danny Maloney (Brentwood Academy) 11th


4.    Luke Parrish (Christian Brothers) 10th


5.    Matthew Davidson (Montgomery Bell Academy) 11th


6.    Nick Standefer (Baylor) 10th


This is a weight that could see significant flux throughout the year as some of the competitors may change weights into or out of this weight.  The weight features two returning state champions jumping several weights in Ward (112) and Akers (103).  It will be interesting to see how both handle the move up in weight.  Maloney is a question mark as he was at this weight over the summer but unsure of BA’s current line-up.  Parrish spent much of last year starting for CBHS prior to injury while both Davidson and Standefer have state medals on their resume.


1.    Zach Watson (Baylor) 11th 


2.    Tim Westbrooks (McCallie) 11th


3.    Cole Moseley (Father Ryan) 11th


4.    Matt Johnson (Christian Brothers) 11th


5.    Daniel Bellet (Montgomery Bell Academy) 11th


6.    Trevor Jenkins (St. Benedict) 12th


This weight will prove interesting to watch throughout the season as several weights may change.  Don’t be shocked if Watson doesn’t end the season here as he has qualified for 119 and wrestled there during the Super 32.  Westbrooks and Johnson both have also qualified for 125. Both Mosley and Johnson are making significant jumps in weight from being at 112 last season.


1.    Mark Simpson (Montgomery Bell Academy) 12th 


2.    Turner Martin (McCallie) 10th


3.    Mark Marchetti (Father Ryan) 10th


4.    Bennet Reece (Baylor) 12th


5.    Blake Hataway (Christian Brothers) 12th


6.    Carlos Calloway (Brentwood Academy) 12th


This weight is more of an educated guess as to who will be here and many of these may not start the season here or end here.  Simpson and Marchetti have both certified for this weight but Martin has not certified yet.  Calloway has not certified but has indicated he will be around this weight.  Hataway returns to the line-up for CBHS after two years wrestling behind state runner-ups.  Reece has certified down at 130.


1.    Alex Manley (Baylor) 12th 


2.    Michael Hooker (McCallie) 11th


3.    Kaleb Baker (Christian Brothers) 10th


4.    John Mark Bellet (Montgomery Bell Academy) 11th


5.    Dylan Wright (Father Ryan) 11th


6.    Ray Gates (Briarcrest) 12th


This weight has a lot of firepower but could also look significantly different as the top 3 wrestlers have all certified for lower weights.  Each wrestler on the list has a state medal with the top 3 owning 8 state finals appearances, 2 state championships, and one USAW Cadet Freestyle All-American between them.


1.    Stuart Doster (Baylor) 12th 


2.    Mick Anthony (Christian Brothers) 12th


3.    Zeno Dupree (Brentwood Academy) 12th


4.    Cory Cobb (McCallie) 11th


5.    Bryan Murphy (Father Ryan) 12th


6.    Kevin McDonald (St. George) 12th


The top 4 slots are filled in their order of placement last year at 140.  Doster, Anothony, and Murphy have all certified for lower weight classes while Dupree and Cobb are yet to certify.


1.    Chris Agnew (Father Ryan) 12th 


2.    Daniel McClure (McCallie) 11th


3.    Collin Hinson (Briarcrest) 12th


4.    Greg Stratman (St. Benedict) 12th


5.    Bryson Popp (Baylor) 8th


6.    Eric Owings (Montgomery Bell Academy) 11th


Agnew is the top returning medal winner in the bunch.  He has certified at a much lower weight but wrestled 145 last season so has been placed here.  McClure, Hinson, and Popp have certified for 140 but we are projecting them at this weight until they compete lower.  Stratman moves up after winning a medal at 145 last season.  Popp steps in as the starter at Baylor and early showings earn him a place on the list while Owings was one match shy of placing last season.


1.    TJ Duncan (McCallie) 12th 


2.    Matthew Cate (Baylor) 11th


3.    Ali Benito (Father Ryan) 11th


4.    Cai Cowlyn (Brentwood Academy) 11th


5.    Ryan Maginn (St. Benedict) 12th


6.    Barrett Walthall (Christian Brothers) 10th


Duncan looks to earn his record-setting fifth title at 160 this season.  Cate has certified at a lower weight but we are assuming a move up from last season’s weight of 152.  Benito, Maginn and Cowlyn have not certified this season but are expected to move up.  Walthall  steps into the starting spot for Christian Brothers and has shown early promise to step into the 6th place ranking.


1.    Chase Martino (McCallie) 12th 


2.    Nate Rupiper (Christian Brothers) 12th


3.    TJ Holmes (Father Ryan) 11th


4.    Ian Sharbel (Montgomery Bell Academy) 12th


5.    Ben Pope (Briarcrest) 12th


6.    Justin Moore (Brentwood Academy) 11th


A pair of returning state runner-ups lead the way here as Martino comes up from 160 and Rupiper remains at 171.  Holmes and Sharbel have certified for 171 after winning medals last season.  Pope has certified for 152 and may make his way below 171 as he wrestled at 152 last season.


1.    Amos Mason (Brentwood Academy) 10th 


2.    Jeff Lamer (St. Benedict) 11th


3.    Austin Prevost (Ensworth) 11th


4.    Tashan Mitchell (Christian Brothers) 12th


5.    Unranked


6.    Unranked


This weight appears to have cleared out somewhat and there will be room for new faces to step in.  Mason, Lamer, and Prevost all are returning medal winners at this weight.  Prevost has transferred from McCallie to Ensworth.  Mitchell transferred to CBHS from out-of-state and shows enough promise to deserve an early ranking.


1.    David Helton (Baylor) 12th 


2.    Rickey Fisher (Father Ryan) 11th


3.    Kenny Taylor (Pope John Paul II) 12th


4.    Unranked


5.    Unranked


6.    Unranked


Another weight that has room for wrestlers to step into the rankings.  Helton has not yet certified for Baylor as they are in the state football finals… with a football scholarship waiting many will wait to see if he steps on the mat.  Rickey Fisher returns after a state runner-up finish as a sophomore.  Taylor brings two previous state medals into his senior season.


1.    John Mackey (Baylor) 12th 


2.    Dylan Maxwell (Briarcrest) 12th


3.    Ty Youngblood (McCallie) 11th


4.    William Baron (Brentwood Academy) 11th


5.    Lou Posey (Christian Brothers) 12th


6.    Unranked


Nearly all of last season’s heavyweights return this season.