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TSSAA Division 1 Final Dual Rankings – 2/6/12 (updated 2/9/12)


  1. Soddy Daisy (29-2) Previous Rank: #1

2012 TSSAA Division 1 State Dual Champions, Region 4 Champions, Only losses on season were to #31 IM Christian Brothers 34-27 and #6 IM Brandon (FL) 45-24.  Also defeated Christian Brothers, Father Ryan, Baylor, Pope (GA), Cleveland (2x), Indpendence (2x), Bradley Central, and Chattanooga Central during the year.  Congratulations to Coach Henry on an outstanding dual season.


  1. Cleveland (20-6) Previous Rank: #2

The Blue Raiders made a run at the State Dual title, coming up just short.  Impressive wins this season over McCallie, Baylor, Thompson (AL), Science Hill (2x), Bradley Central, and Chattanooga Central.  Only losses came to Heritage (GA), Christian Brothers, Pope (GA), and Soddy Daisy (3x).


  1. Ravenwood (32-8) Previous Rank: #10

Defeated Independence 3 times this season to claim dominance over Region 6.  Early losses to Wilson Central , Clarksville NW, Clarksville (2x), and Brentwood Academy kept them out of the top-10, but this team once again showed up when it counted placing 3rd at State Duals beating Germantown, Wilson Central, Beech, Indy 31-29, and Science Hill 34-33. Only loss at State Duals was against Cleveland 36-27.


  1. Science Hill (40-6) Previous Rank: #4

40 dual wins in a season.  Losses were to Cleveland (2x), Woodland (GA) 39-33, Independence 35-22, Baylor, and Ravenwood in the State Duals Consolation Finals 34-33


  1. Clarksville (33-3) Previous Rank: #5

Only losses all season were to Franklin 37-32 (early season), Soddy Daisy 39-29 in State Quarterfinals, and Science Hill 33-31 in Consolation Semifinals.  Had 2 wins vs. Ravenwood this season and very good wins over Notre Dame, Beech, Centennial, Dickson Co (2x) and Brentwood Academy.


  1. Independence (23-8) Previous Rank: #3

Went 2-2 at State Duals beating Maryville and Cordova 36-35.  Lost to Soddy Daisy and Ravenwood 31-29.  Defeated McCallie and Science Hill in December but 3 consecutive losses to Ravenwood move them down to the #6 spot.  Other losses were to Christian Brothers, Thompson (AL) 35-30, Father Ryan and Soddy Daisy 41-19.


  1. Bradley Central (14-7) Previous Rank: #6

Perhaps the 4th best dual team this season, but not able to prove it within the current TSSAA State Duals format.  Wins over Hixson, Chattanooga Central 37-34, Heritage (GA) 31-30, Walker Valley, and Pigeon Forge.  Losses were to Archer (GA), Science Hill, Cleveland (2x), Soddy Daisy, Grissom, and Thompson (AL).


  1. Chattanooga Central (22-5) Previous Rank: #9  Corrected record on 2/7/12

A close 33-27 win over Pigeon Forge in the TSSAA A-AA State Duals move Chatt Central up a spot.  Other notable wins this season included vs. Walker Valley, Stone Memorial, East Ridge, and Sycamore.  Lost close matches to Bradley Central 37-34 and Hixson 30-25.  Other losses were to Heritage (GA), Soddy Daisy, and Cleveland.


  1. Wilson Central (36-7) Previous Rank: #7  Corrected record on 2/7/12

A disappointing 1-2 fnish for the upstart Wildcats moves them down 2 spots.  The team split meetings with Blackman this season losing by one point at the Region 5 Duals.  Also went 1-1 against Ravenwood winning the earlier match and losing 38-30 at State Duals.  Also defeated Sycamore (2x), Beech, Pigeon Forge 42-39 and Cookeville during the season with the other 5 losses being to Heritage (GA), Archer (GA), MBA 34-24, Father Ryan, and Soddy Daisy


  1. Pigeon Forge (16-10) Previous Rank: NR

The team from out east rockets up the charts with their big 2nd place finish in the A-AA State Duals defeating East Literature 55-14, Hixson 33-32, and losing to Chattanooga Central 33-27.  These guys had an up and down season being ranked as high as 13th.  Split meetings with Heritage (TN), beat Alcoa twice, and beat Notre Dame 33-31.  Other notable losses were to Gilmer (GA) 44-23, Carollton (GA) 34-33, Wilson Central 42-39, Archer (GA) 36-31, Beech 40-38, and Bradley Central.


  1. Hixson (24-2) Previous Rank: #8

The only loss of the season going into the A-AA State Duals was to Bradley Central 48-20.  A back-and-forth matchup against Pigeon Forge that was won by PF on the last match by pinfall 33-32 gave Hixson their 2nd loss.  Finished 3rd in Small School State over Sycamore with impressive wins this season over Stone Memorial, East Ridge (2x), Chattanooga Central 30-25, Walker Valley and Notre Dame.


  1. Walker Valley (18-7) Previous Rank: #11 Corrected record on 2/8/12

Did not make state duals finishing 4th in Region 4 but had several very good wins this season vs. East Ridge, Notre Dame, Siegel, Houston, Centennial, Heritage (TN), and Stone Memorial.  Losses came at the hands of Soddy Daisy (2x), Bradley Central, Heritage (GA), Chattanooga Central 38-25, Hixson, and Cleveland.


  1. Beech (34-8) Previous Rank: #13

An impressive season for a very young team (only one Senior) with wins in the season over Siegel, Sycamore, Brentwood, Cookeville, Collierville 39-36, Dickson Co (2x), Hendersonville (2x), Maryville (2x), and Hendersonville (2x).  This was the first time Beech had ever made the AAA State Duals: they beat Knoxville West 49-26, lost to Science Hill, defeated Maryville 40-36, and were ousted by Ravenwood.  Other losses in season were to Wilson Central 49-28, Centennial 37-36, Notre Dame 48-27, Science Hill, and Clarksville twice.


  1. Cordova (25-8) Previous Rank: #21

Went 1-2 at the AAA State Duals defeating Dobyns Bennett 43-21 before losing to Independence 36-35 and Heritage 36-33.  Solid wins vs. South Doyle, Heritage 45-28, Wayne Co (KY) 48-30, Bartlett, Collierville (2x), Arlington, and Germantown 42-31 to win the Region X Dual Championship.  Other losses during the season were to SBA, Christian Brothers (2x), Collierville 39-35, Beech 42-37, and Centennial 34-33 (criteria).  Due to splitting with Heritage on the year and close losses to Indy, Centennial, and Beech and a huge win over Germantown, they have moved up.


  1. Germantown (21-7) Previous Rank: #16

Went 1-2 at State Duals losing to Ravenwood 47-19, beating Blackman 50-21, and losing a close one to Clarksville 35-25.  Wins over Bolton (2x), Houston (2x…34-32 and 39-33), Arlington, Collierville 38-36.  Other losses were to SBA 48-22, Allatoona (GA), Duncan (OK), St. Paul’s (LA), and Cordova 41-31.


  1. East Ridge (17-8) Previous Rank: #19 Corrected score vs. Notre Dame on 2/7/12

Did not make State Duals but had wins over Signal Mountain, Rhea Co., Tyner, Ooltewah, Alcoa, East Hamilton, Red Bank, and Notre Dame 33-32 by criteria.  Losses were to Walker Valley 42-28, Bradley Central, Ringgold (GA) 35-34, Dalton (GA), Hixson (2x…49-27 and 40-36), Chattanooga Central 36-27, and Soddy Daisy.


  1. Notre Dame (19-12) Previous Rank: #12  Corrected score vs. East Ridge on 2/7/12

Notre Dame missed the A-AA State Duals field but had several good wins this season vs. Alexander (GA), Beech 48-27, Dalton (GA) 42-25, and Bob Jones (AL).  Losses were to 4 Georgia teams, Walker Valley, Clarksville 41-32, Pigeon Forge 33-31, Wilson Central 37-30, Thompson (AL), Chattanooga Central 39-17, Hixson 32-31, and East Ridge 33-32 on criteria.


  1. Centennial (23-9) Previous Rank: #14

Perhaps another victim of a strong region, Centennial did not make the state duals but had wins over Blackman 46-27, Beech 37-36, Siegel 48-27, Houston 37-35, and Cordova 34-33 (criteria).  Losses were to Stone Memorial, Grissom (AL) 42-32, Walker Valley, Clarksville, Ravenwood, Brentwood, Franklin, Christian Brothers, and Independence 47-25.


  1. Blackman (22-4) Previous Rank: #15

Went 0-2 at State Duals (vs. Cleveland and Germantown) after an impressive come from behind victory over Wilson Central in the Region 5 Duals Championship 37-36.  Notable wins this season were against Siegel (2x, the latest 37-34), Huntsville (AL), and Tullahoma.  Other losses were to Centennial 46-27 and Wilson Central 58-18 earlier in the season.


  1. Gibbs (14-5) Previous Rank: #17

This small school team didn’t make it to the A-AA State Duals losing to Pigeon Forge 35-32 but they had notable wins vs. Woodford (KY) 57-18, Knoxville Halls 62-15, Hardin Valley 44-25, Dobyns Bennett 50-18, South Doyle 63-17, and Maryville 41-22.  Other losses were to Holy Innocent’s  (GA) 31-29, Archer (GA) 51-16, LaRue (KY) 34-18, and Science Hill 34-29.


  1. Dickson County (19-9) Previous Rank: #18

A loss to Beech 34-32 kept Dickson Co from making the AAA State Duals.  They had good wins during the season against Hendersonville 48-25, Clarksville NW (3x), Collierville 44-30, Arlington 45-23, and Montgomery Central.  Other losses were to Brentwood Academy 42-31, Ravenwood 39-36, Mt. Juliet 45-27, Beech 43-31, Brookwood (GA) 35-27, and Clarksville (2x).


  1. Sycamore (25-9) Previous Rank: NR

A very impressive win over Stone Memorial 37-31 at the A-AA State Duals gets Sycamore on the list.  The went 2-2 losing to Chattanooga Central and Hixson with a 4th place finish.  Defeated Sullivan East 47-33 to make the consolation finals.  Other wins this year included Clarksville NW (2x), Harpeth (2x), Clarksville NE 39-37, Page 47-30, Eagleville and Kenwood.  Other losses were to Ravenwood, Clarksville NW 45-28, Wilson Central (2x), Beech 40-30, Mt. Juliet 36-34, Siegel 43-27,


  1. Maryville (18-5) Previous Rank: #24

Went 1-2 at AAA State Duals losing to Independence 58-2, defeating Dobyns-Bennett 43-28, and losing to Beech 40-36.  Beat Heritage 39-31 for the Region Duals Championship and had wins over Knoxville Halls, Morristown West, Seymour (2x), Alcoa, and Pigeon Forge 36-31, William Blount, along with another victory over Heritage 39-30.  Other losses were to Beech 44-30, Wayne Co (KY) 45-33, and Gibbs 41-22.


  1. Heritage (17-13) Previous Rank: NR

Results from the AAA State Duals were as follows: Loss to Science Hill 42-36, Win vs. Knoxville West 48-33, Win vs. Cordova 36-33, and Loss vs. Clarksville 57-13.  These results couple with a 3rd place finish over Stone Memorial 41-39 at the Eagle Challenge earlier this season puts Heritage in the top-25.  Other wins inlude vs. McCreary (KY) 42-27, Habersham (GA) 42-29, Alcoa 59-21, and William Blount 42-30. Losses were to Cordova 45-28, Seymour 39-36, Pigeon Forge, Walker Valley, Wilson Central, Chapin (SC) 43-25, Heritage (GA), Jefferson Co 42-39, Independence, and Maryville (2x).


  1. Stone Memorial (25-7) Previous Rank: #20

Early wins vs. Cookeville 39-38 and Centennial 57-18 had Stone Memorial ranked as high as #14.  Losses to Hixson 46-24, Wayne Co (KY) 42-35, Heritage (TN) 41-39, Chattanooga Central 46-24, and Walker Valley brought them down a bit.  Stone Memorial went 1-2 at the A-AA State Duals losing to Sycamore 37-31 and Hixson 43-27 while beating Page.


Honorable Mentions: Knoxville West, Dobyns Bennett, Brentwood, Collierville, Siegel, Houston, Jefferson County, South Doyle, Seymour, East Hamilton, McGavock, Powell


Out of Rankings:

#22 Brentwood, #23 Collierville, #25 Siegel



TSSAA Division 2 Final Dual Rankings – 2/6/12


  1. Christian Brothers (26-1) #31 InterMat Nationally Previous Rank: #1, #31  InterMat

A big win over Father Ryan 41-22 for the Purple Wave to secure their first State Title. Possibly more impressive was a 27-26 victory in the semifinals vs. Baylor.  Only loss this season was to Soddy Daisy 33-25 in which they avenged the loss the very next day at the Cleveland Duals Finals 34-27.  Biggest win of the season was against #32 IM Blue Springs (MO) 35-18.


  1. Father Ryan (30-6) Previous Rank: #2

Finished 2nd at the D-II State Duals to Christian Brothers 41-22.  A win over Baylor earlier in the season keeps them at the #2 spot.  Had wins over Ravenwood (2x), Greater Atlanta Christian, Thompson (AL), Larue (KY) 32-22, Independence, McCallie, and Wilson Central, Other losses were to #16 IM Cincinnati Moeller, Soddy Daisy, Gilmer (GA) 39-30, #47 IM Jefferson (GA) 43-27, and Heritage (GA) 32-31.


  1. Baylor (24-10) Previous Rank: #3

Rough semi-final matchup at the D-II State Duals in which a one-point loss to Christian Brothers kept them from the finals.  Came back and defeated McCallie for the 2nd time in 8 days 40-28 to secure 3rd place.  Had wins against Gordon Lee (GA), Woodland (GA), Osceola (FL) 36-34, Marist (GA), Owatonna (MN) 37-30 and Science Hill.  Other losses were to Cleveland 44-22, Pope (GA), #35 IM Collins Hill (GA), Coon Rapids (MN) 36-24, Vacaville (CA) 39-33, Marist (IL) 40-26, #45 IM Carl Sandburg (IL) 50-18, Father Ryan 30-26, and Soddy Daisy 40-30.


  1. McCallie (12-11) Previous Rank: #5

4th place finish at D-II State Duals losing to Baylor in the Consolation Finals.  Defeated SBA 52-15 earlier in the tournament before losing to Father Ryan 43-21 and then beat MBA for the 3rd time this season 63-16.  Other wins in the year include vs. Flagler (FL) 52-24, Sonoraville (GA) 41-30, Bremen (GA) 34-24, Woodland (GA) 42-30, Peachtree Ridge (GA) 57-21.  Other losses were to Cleveland 42-25 Thompson (AL) twice, Christian Bros, Independence 44-26, #6 IM Brandon (FL) 45-22, Osceola (FL) 58-15, and Father Ryan 45-21.


  1. Montgomery Bell Academy (15-7) Previous Rank: #6

Lost to Christian Brothers and McCallie while defeating Memphis Univ School at the D-II State Duals.  Two wins over Brentwood Academy put them at the #5 spot for the final ranking.  Other wins were against Franklin, Hendersonville, East Literature, Tullahoma, Franklin Road Academy, Briarcrest, Brentwood, Wilson Central, BGA, and Ensworth.  Other losses were to Ravenwood 40-36, Scottsboro (AL) 40-32, McCallie (2x), and Baylor 44-27.


  1. Brentwood Academy (23-6) Previous Rank: #7

Beat SBA 39-38 at the D-II State Duals after losing to Father Ryan 56-13 in the first round.  They were knocked out by Baylor.  Other wins this season included vs. Dickson County 42-31, Ravenwood, Clarksville NW 44-28, Gainesville (FL) 42-27, Hendersonville 63-15, Mt. Juliet 54-25, Siegel 54-27, Franklin 45-29, MLK 45-33, South Doyle, and Pigeon Forge 30-27.  Other losses were to Clarksville 31-29, Father Ryan 53-15, MBA 42-28 and  MBA 37-28.


  1. St. Benedict at Auburndale (19-3) Previous Rank: #4

A disappointing 0-2 finish at the D-II State Duals moves SBA down 3 spots after an impressive regular season only losing to Christian Brothers.  Wins this season came against Cordova 53-21, Bartlett 41-30, Bolton 54-19, Kingsbury 62-12, Germantown 48-22, Arlington 49-16, Collierville 36-33, Houston 37-36, and Arlington 58-13.


  1. Franklin Road Academy Previous Rank: #10  Placed here after new information received 2/9/12

Defeated Briarcrest in the D-II Invitational 33-32


  1. Briarcrest Christian School Previous Rank: NR

Defeated both MUS and DCA this season


  1. Memphis University School Previous Rank: NR

Lost to Baylor and MBA in the TSSAA D-II State Duals.


Honorable Mention: Donelson Christian Academy Previous Rank: #8

                              Defeated FRA 44-36 and BGA this season. 





TSSAA Final Overall Dual Rankings – 2/6/12


  1. Christian Brothers (26-1) Previous Rank: #1

Finish as the TSSAA D-II State Dual Champions


  1. Soddy Daisy (29-2) Previous Rank: #2

Finish as the TSSAA D-I AAA State Dual Champions…would love to see the rubber match of CBHS vs. Soddy.


  1. Father Ryan (30-6) Previous Rank: #3

Finished 2nd at TSSAA D-II State Duals


  1. Cleveland (20-6) Previous Rank: #4

Finished 2nd at TSSAA D-I AAA State Duals


  1. Baylor (24-10) Previous Rank: #5

One of the more difficult regular season schedules, finished 3rd at TSSAA D-II State Duals


  1. Ravenwood (32-8) Previous Rank: NR

A big finish at the end of the year has the Raptors at #6 with a 3rd place finish at TSSAA D-I AAA State Duals


  1. Science Hill (40-6) Previous Rank: #7

4th place finish at TSSAA D-I AAA State Duals losing to Cleveland and Ravenwood.


  1. Clarksville (33-3) Previous Rank: #8

Lost by 2 pts to Science Hill in the Consolation Semifinals of TSSAA-DI AAA State Duals


  1. Independence (23-8) Previous Rank: #6

Lost by 2 pts to Ravenwood in the Consolation Semifinals of TSSAA-DI AAA State Duals


  1. McCallie (12-11) Previous Rank: #11

Strength of schedule and good dual meets vs. Baylor to end season as TSSAA-DII 4th place moves McCallie up a spot.


  1. Bradley Central (14-7) Previous Rank: #9

Rough season for the bears would equal an outstanding season for most programs.


  1. Chattanooga Central (22-5) Previous Rank: #15

TSSAA D-I A-AA Dual Champions for 2nd straight season.  Lost to Bradley Central 37-34 this year.


  1. Montgomery Bell Academy (15-7) Previous Rank: #12

Couldn’t get past McCallie this season as brothers Frank & Pat Simpson went head to head 3 times.


  1. Brentwood Academy (23-6) Previous Rank: #NR

Win over St. Benedict at Auburndale at State Duals gets them on the final list.


  1. Wilson Central (36-7) Previous Rank: #13

Rough finish to season lands them at the 15th position.



Honorable Mention: Pigeon Forge, Hixson, St. Benedict at Auburndale