Across the state, parents and volunteers organize local USAW/TWF sanctioned clubs to responsibly foster, train, and develop young wrestlers to achieve their full human and athletic potential. USA wrestling off-season amateur mat programs, have long been t
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TWF State Meeting Minutes
September 10th, 2011
David Lipscomb

·         Meeting Minutes from 2010
o   Approved unanimously with no vote
·         State Leadership Summit re-cap (Petricca)
o   Training Syllabus
·         USAW has proposed a syllabus and published online that covers all three styles
o   Uniforms
·         FILA Submission grappling uniform
·         Board shorts and rash guards along with tight fitting shirt
o   Short must be FILA approved
o   No biking shorts
·         To be allowed at Folkstyle nationals this year
·         Hope is that this will pull kids in who are tentative regarding singlets
o   Some discussion on FL – USAW defeating FHSAA regarding coaches working with kids in the freestyle and Greco-Roman
·         Tabling this discussion until later
·         Comment from Damon Smith because hoping to get kids recruited to college but tough because of the timing of tournaments like Super 32 and NHSCA’s
o   Marketing
·         USAW wants to see TWF advertise more at some of the larger wrestling events
·         Ex. Father Ryan, large MS tournaments, etc.
o   AAU-TN / TWF Partnership
·         Some discussion around our “good faith” relationship with AAU
·         The main plan is to work on a mutually beneficial scheduling agreement where the AAU season would end in time for the kids to switch over to freestyle / Greco-Roman with USAW
o   Target timeframe for switch is March
·         AAU is will hold a Western Regional in Memphis this season
·         Memphis has traditionally been a USAW based youth program
·         Financial Report (Al Miller)
o   Al Miller concerned with ability to track money with too many people having cards
·         Lost main control in May
o   Currently sitting at ~$115 in account
o   Currently owe ~$3,000 in outstanding debt primarily for travel and schoolboy trip
·         Membership Report
o   See the attached sheets
o   Motion to keep league cards active in the state (Petricca)
·         Second by Knepper
·         Passed unanimously
o   Need to look at the number of sanctioned events
o   Motion to approve the membership report
·         Motion to approve by Garrett House
·         Second Stephen Petricca
·         Passed Unanimously
o   Discussion by Knepper about ability to get our wrestlers registering with cards early in the season (first few months)
·         Reason for his current tournament next week
o   Motion to add a clinic series in each region during the October to November time frame
·         Dates specified by the region
·         Free to USAW member cards
·         Motion by J. Simpson
·         Seconded by Petricca
·         Passed unanimously
·         Tournament Schedule
o   Easter is April 8th
o   State tournament
·         Motion to discuss dates for last week in April, and first two weeks of May – Simpson
·         Passed unanimously
·         Motion for April 28th – Goebbel
·         Second Al
·         Yes – 7
·         No – 5
·         Passes due to majority
o   Freshman / Sophomore State Folkstyle
·         Motion for date of Feb. 25th
·         Proposed by Al
·         Second Knepper
·         Hosted for Summit High School
·         Passed unanimously
o   USAW Folkstyle Nationals – March 30th
·         We want this on calendar
o   Farley Classic – March 31st
·         Bartlett High School
o   AAU / USAW Ironman – April 14th
·         Motion for tournament on April 14th – Petricca
·         Second by Knepper
·         Passed unanimously
·         Motion to hold at MTSU if available at Rec center by Knepper
·         Second by Petricca
·         Passed unanimously
·         Motion to amend that if MTSU can’t host then goes to David Lipscomb
o   Pat Nailen – April 21st
o   State Tournament – April 28th
o   Lion’s Pride – May 5th
o   Chattanooga 1 – May 12th
o   Tornado Duals – May 19th
o   Southeast Regions – May 25th – 27th
o   MTSU Triple Crown – September 21st-22nd
o   WCWC National Championships - January 28th
·         College only
·         King College
o   Motion that Treasurer is responsible for sending a financial wrap-up sheet to each tournament to collect the $2 entry fee kickback to the TWF (Petricca)
·         Seconded House
·         Passed unanimously
o   Motion to determine whether a Greco team will be part of our dual team package based on interest at state tournament – Al Miller
·         Second Wayne Dunn
·         Passed 11 – 1
o   Motion to develop poster with previous All-Americans from Fargo and schedule
·         Research to fall to Garrett
·         A couple of pictures
·         Deadline of September 24th
·         Need full list of AA’s and a couple pictures
·         Knepper to develop and print by second week of October
·         Bryan Knepper has someone that can print
·         Passed unanimously
·         TSSAA Dead Period
o   Proposal to elect sub-committee to pursue the TSSAA dead period – Petricca
·         Second by Harrison
·         Passed unanimously
o   Proposal to elect members of Al Miller, Damon Smith, Bryan Knepper - Petricca
·         Second Hatcher
·         Passed unanimously
o   Proposal for monthly updates from sub-committee – Petricca
·         Second Harrison
·         Passed unanimously
·         Duals Teams Report
o   Proposal to a lot $500 per TWF National Team going to any age level National Duals to go towards paying referre(s), subject to the following conditions
·         If multiple officials attend the $500 is split between the officials
·         Officials must travel with the team, otherwise they must cover travel cost
·         Proposed by Jack Gallagher
·         Seconded by Wayne Dunn
·         Motion carries 10-2
·         New Business
o   Motion to raise fee collected and sent back to TWF for each entry from tournament to $4 from $2
·         No second
o   Motion that all new proposals be submitted to secretary 2 weeks before the state board meeting – Garrett House
·         Second by Petricca
·         Passed unanimously
o   Motion to amend our state schedule to accommodate AAU Elementary National Duals conflict with the Iron-man
·         Schedule changes would be as follows
·         TWF / AAU Ironman moves to April 21st   
·         Pat Nailen moves to April 28th
·         Smokey Mountain Stampede April 28th
·         State tournament moves to May 12th
·         Chattanooga 1 moves to April 14th
·         Proposed by Wayne Dunn
·         Seconded Al Miller
·         Passed 11-1
·         Fund Raising
o   Motion to table conversation of fundraising until the next WebEx
·         Proposed Petricca
·         Seconded
o   Proposal that Wayne Dunn chairs a Southeast Region bid committee to bring it to Nashville
·         Proposed Wayne Dunn
·         Seconded House
·         Passed unanimously
·         Larry Madsen will help
·         Del Hawkins will help
·         Decision on bid or no bid by October 9th
·         Bid must be submitted by December????
o   Proposal that a budget be submitted by the treasurer for review two weeks prior to each state board meeting, to be approved at the board meeting
·         Proposed by Garrett House
·         Seconded by Petricca
·         Passed unanimously
o   Proposal that this year’s budget be submitted and voted on during the WebEx the third week of October
·         Proposed by Petricca
·         Second by House
·         Passed unanimously
·         State Officials Election
o   Western Regional Director
·         Trey Hamilton
·         Nominated by Jonathon Simpson
·         Seconded by Petricca
·         Unanimous
o   Middle TN Director
·         Nomination of Del Hawkins by Jack Gallagher
·         Declined by Del Hawkins
·         Nomination of Matt Gorham by Stephen Petricca
·         Seconded by Brian Goebbel
·         Passed Unanimously
o   East TN Director
·         Nomination of Derek Harrison by Jack Gallagher
·         Seconded by Petricca
·         Passed Unanimously
o   South Region Director
·         Nomination of Josh Boskin by Mike Hatcher
·         Seconded by Josh Boskin
·         Passed Unanimously
·         Boskin rejected
·         Motion to amend and propose Al Miller by Stephen Petricca
·         Seconded by Derek Harrison
·         Passed Unanimously
o   Secretary
·         No nominations
·         Proposal to table until next WebEx
·         Seconded by Garrett House
·         Passed Unanimously
o   Treasurer
·         Nomination of Derek Harrison by Stephen Petricca
·         Seconded by Jonathan Simpson
·         Passed Unanimously
o   Vice-President
·         Nomination of Stephen Petricca by Derek Harrison
·         Passed unanimously
o   President
·         Nomination of Mike Hatcher by Petricca
·         Seconded Simpson
·         Passed Unanimously
o   Membership Director
·         No nomination
·         Proposal to combine membership director and secretary by Petricca
·         Seconded by Gallagher
·         Passed unanimously
o   Officials Director
·         Jack Gallagher nominated by Mike Hatcher
·         Seconded by Derek Harrison
·         Passed 11-1
·         Jack Gallagher opposed it
o   Womens Director
·         Nomination of Jason Moorman by Gallagher
·         Seconded by Hatcher
·         Passed unanimously
o   State Developmental Director
·         Proposal to eliminate this position Petricca
·         Seconded by House
·         Passed unanimously
o   Communications Director
·         Petricca nominated by Harrsion
·         Seconded by Hatcher
·         Passed 11-1
·         Opposed by Petricca but accepted
o   Motion to table all other director positions until a time seen fit by Petricca
·         Seconded by House
·         Passed unanimously
·         Women’s Wrestling
o   Jason Moorman’s wrestling proposals
o   All proposed by Jason
o   All seconded by House
·         Item 1
·         Passed unanimously
·         Item 2
·         Passed unanimously
·         Item 3
·         Passed unanimously
·         Item 4
·         Passed unanimously
·         Awards
o   Cadet Wrestler of the year
·         Tate Robinson nominated by Hatcher
·         Knepper seconds
·         Passed unanimously
o   Junior Wrestler
·         Nominations of Hooker, Baker, and Newburg
·         Baker  - 0 votes
·         Hooker – 0 votes
·         Newburg – 8 votes
·         Youth
o   Nominations – Bracket, Murphy, Debien
·         Debien - 4
·         Brackett - 0
·         Murphy - 4
·         Coach
o   Nominations – Derek Harrison
·         Passed unanimously
·         Volunteer
o   Nominations –Petricca
·         Passed unanimously
·         Oficials Discussions