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*** Rankings are based largely on information from last year’s performance, current wins/losses, and head to head competition with other ranked members. As the season progresses and wrestlers move weights your ranking may move up, down, or off the rankings all together based on the competition in that particular weight class.***
Week 8
 (Rankings released on Wednesdays)
Division I   Division II
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Coach Kenneth Hammonds   Coach Garrett House
106 lbs   106 lbs
1. Deven Cyree, Tullahoma, 10   1. Michael Murphy, Baylor, 9
2. Toribio Novarro, Bradley Central, 10   2. Trey Chalifoux, Father Ryan, 9
3. Jacob McClure, Soddy Daisy, 9   3. Tanner Tidswell, Christian Brothers, 9
4. Salith Musa, Nashville Overton, 11   4. Addison Cornell, McCallie, 10
5. Luke Mullin, Notre Dame, 9   5. Justin Becci, Brentwood Academy, 10
6. Tristan Blansitt, Cleveland, 9   6. Drew Nicholson, Briarcrest, 8
This week:  Novarro placed 5th at Science Hill over McClure.  Blansitt and Musa tied for 4th at GP West.  Zack Pelkey (Independence) dec Lane Dickeson (Wilson Central) 6-4 in the Sycamore final.  Jacob Shelton (Springfield) won the Hendersonville Invite.   This week:  Murphy was 4-1 finishing 2nd at Science Hill (SH)  including a 4-1 win over Chalifoux and a fall over Navarro (Bradley).  Chalifoux compiled a 3-1 record en route to a 3rd place finish.  Cornell and Tidswell met in the finals at GP West (GP) with Tidswell suffering an injury while the score was still 0-0.  Cornell defeated Musa (Overton) 2-1 and Tidswell defeated Lee (Franklin) 4-1 in semi's.
113 lbs   113 lbs
1. Chris Debien, Cleveland, 10    
2. Jon Boatman, Greenville, 11   1. Elijah Oliver, Christian Brothers, 10
3. Nick Crawford, Heritage, 10   2. James Westbrooks, McCallie, 10
4. Garang Madut, Glencliff, 12   3. Kirby Simpson, Father Ryan, 9
5. Christian Lozano, Beech, 12   4. Caleb Canada, Baylor, 10
6. Austin Houser, Soddy Daisy, 10   5. Drake Conine, St. Benedict, 9
This week:  Debien placed 2nd to #1D2 Oliver (CB) at Brentwood.  Crawford lost to Cyree (Tullahoma) in a dual match. Debien pinned Rose in a dual.  Houser pinned Rose at Science Hill. Christian Cerrito (Wilson Central) won the Sycamore.  Houser won Science Hill.   This week:  Oliver won GP with a fall over Debien (Cleveland) in finals.  Westbrooks was 3rd at GP with lone lose being 14-4 to Debien.  Simpson was 4-1 for 3rd at SH including a 3-1 win over Canada who finished 6th with a 3-2 record.  Conine was 2-0 at the Dragon Duals at Collierville (DD).
120 lbs   120 lbs
1. Jacob Stevens, Soddy Daisy, 11   1. Alex Elsea, McCallie, 12
2. Austin Stevison, Cleveland, 11   2. John David Santi, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Nick Insalaco, Wilson Central, 12   3. Michael Eckhart, Father Ryan, 11
4. Caleb Poole, Pigeon Forge, 12   4. Kyle Jennings, St. Benedict, 12
5. Byron Smith, Cordova, 12   5. Mark Floyd, Montgomery Bell Academy, 9
6. Cameron Cox, Harpeth, 12   6. Christian Dilucchio, Brentwood Academy, 10
This week: Stevens pinned Poole en route to winning Science Hill. Stevison placed 3rd at Brentwood. Insalaco won Sycamore at 126. Poole placed 4th at Science Hill.  Tristan Hackett (Beech) won Hendersonville.    This week: Santi was 3-1 en route to 2nd at GP including a 9-5 win over Stevison (Cleveland) in semi's.  Elsea was 3-2 for 4th at GP with a 10-7 lose to Stevison.  Santi and Elsea both lost to Blackwell (Union Co, KY) by fall.  Echkhart was 3rd at SH with a 3-1 record including a 4-3 win over Poole (Pigeon Forge) and an 8-6 lose to Bromley (Bradley Central).  Jennings was 4-0 at DD with most of those matches at 126.
126 lbs   126 lbs
1. Austin Oliver, Cleveland, 12   1. Nick Gray, Christian Brothers, 12
2. Joseph Dodgen, Pigeon Forge, 12   2. Hal Fisher, Father Ryan, 10
3. Tucker Russo, Soddy Daisy, 9   3. Nick Standefer, Baylor, 12
4. Packy Mullin, Notre Dame, 10   4. Blake Solarek, Montgomery Bell Academy, 11
5. Dakota Ream, Bradley Central, 12   5. Morgan Boyd, McCallie, 12
6. Andrew Armstrong, Sullivan South, 12   6. Robert Mossier, St. Benedict, 12
This week: Dodgen won Science Hill. Oliver placed 3rd at Brentwood.  Russo placed 5th at Science Hill. Dodgen defeated Ream 7-6 in the Science Hill semis.  Ream placed 4th. Elan McCastland (Beech) won Hendersonville.  Oliver defeated Ream in a dual.   This week:  Gray finished 2nd at GP with a 3-1 record including a 3-1 win over Oliver (Cleveland) and losing to Brock Ervin (Union Co, KY) by fall in finals.  Fisher was 2nd at SH with a 3-1 record losing to Dodgen (Pigeon Forge) in finals but defeating Russo (Soddy) 5-0.  Standefer was 7th with a 3-2 record at SH. Morgan Boyd represented McCallie going 1-2 at GP.  Mossier wrestled at 132 for SBA at DD with a 1-0 record.
132 lbs   132 lbs
1. Hayden Hamilton, Cleveland, 12   1. Brandon Brunner, Baylor, 12
2. Sydney Blackwood, Germantown, 12   2. Mike Akers, Father Ryan, 12
3. Josh Deckleman, Soddy Daisy, 11   3. Adam Connell, McCallie, 11
4. Tyrus Hamrick, Walker Valley, 11   4. Red Croom, Christian Brothers, 11
5. Eddie Small, Wilson Central, 11   5. Andrew Herman, St. Benedict, 12
6. Dylan Treloar, Hendersonville, 11    6. Michael Rivera, Brentwood Academy, 9
This week:  Hamilton placed 2nd at Brentwood.  Small won Sycamore.  Jake Beatty (Rossview) won Hendersonville. Treloar won Hendersonville at 138.   This week:  Brunner was 5-0 with a 6-3 win over Akers in the finals at SH.  Akers had a 4-1 record.  Connel took 1st at GP with a 3-0 record & a 6-2 win in the finals over Hamilton (Cleveland).  Croom did not wrestle for CBHS, Paul Posey started going 1-2 at GP.  Herman did not wrestle for SBA at DD.
138 lbs   138 lbs
1. Caleb Langford, Walker Valley, 12   1. Ryan Simpson, Father Ryan, 11
2. John Williamson, Soddy Daisy, 10   2. John Olson, Battle Ground Academy, 12
3. Ezra Taylor, Cleveland, 10   3. Bailey Wittman, Christian Brothers, 11
4. Dedrick Mayes, Cordova, 12   4. Griffin Davis, McCallie, 10
5. Austin Richard, Wilson Central, 11   5. Trey O'Bannon, Memphis University School, 12
6. Luke Hamilton, Brentwood, 10   6. Brad Linehan, St. Benedict, 12
This week:  Taylor placed 3rd at Brentwood defeating Hamilton for 3rd.  Williamson def Taylor in overtime.  Richard won Seymour.     This week: Sutherland comes out of the rankings as he has not wrestled since Powerade on 12/28.  Olson debuted at this weight with a 2nd place finish at GP including a 3-2 win over Hamilton (Brentwood) in semi's.  Wittman defeated Davis 5-4 in 1st round of GP with both finishign with 3-2 records and not wrestling for 5th due to 5 match rule.  Wittman lost 7-4 to Taylor (Cleveland) in 1/4's and 3-2 to Hamilton in conso semi's.  Davis forfeited to Taylor in conso semi's.  Linehan was 3-0 at DD.
145 lbs   145 lbs
1. Jacob Freeman, Ravenwood, 12   1. Mark Marchetti, Father Ryan, 12
2. Nate Croley, Pigeon Forge, 12   2. Luke Parish, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Gage Richmond, Soddy Daisy, 11   3. Andrew Gentuso, Donelson Christian Academy, 12
4. Aaron Oliver, Cleveland, 10   4. Wells Hamilton, Montgomery Bell Academy, 11
5. Skyler Boring, Heritage, 12   5. Nick Burrichter, Brentwood Academy, 12
6. Ronquai Love, Martin Luther King, 12   6. Chad Young, Franklin Road Academy, 10
This week:  Freeman won Brentwood.  Crowley placed 2nd at Science Hill.  Richmond placed 3rd at Science Hill. Bryson Hutchison (Wilson Central) won the Sycamore tournament.     This week:  Marchetti was 4-0 winning SH and defeating Crowley (Pigeon Forge) 6-4 and Richmond (7-3) en route.  Parish was 3-1 at GP defeating Olvier (Cleveland) by fall and losing 8-0 to Freeman (Ravenwood).  Hamilton, Burrichter, and Young have all split matches with Hamilton defeating Burrichter 4-0 this week in a dual.
152 lbs   152 lbs
1. Turbo Smith, Soddy Daisy, 12   1. Kaleb Baker, Christian Brothers, 12
2. Larry Dickerson, Chattanooga Central, 12   2. Patrick Cosgrove, Father Ryan, 12
3. Jordan Russell, Ooltewah, 12   3. Ben Kurtz, St. Benedict, 12
4. Alex Bennett, Franklin, 12    4. Benjamin Kidd, Brentwood Academy, 12
5. Josh Hamilton, Cleveland, 11    5. Connor McCroskey, Donelson Christian Academy, 12
6. Brayan Garcia, Hillsboro, 12   6. Jacob Green, Montgomery Bell Academy, 10
This week: Smith placed 4th at Science Hill.    Bennett placed 2nd at Brentwood.  Garcia defeated Mike Binns (Sycamore) in the Sycamore final.   This week: Baker won GP with a 9-4 dec over Bennett (Franklin) in the finals.  Cosgrove's 3-1 record at SH put him in the consolation finals where he took 3rd over Smith (Soddy) via inj. Def.  Kurtz was 3-0 at DD.
160 lbs   160 lbs
1. Aaron Lopez, Cleveland, 12   1. Bryson Popp, Baylor, 12
2. Blake Solomon, Eagleville, 12   2. Brandon Hataway, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Tyler Sells, Blackman, 11   3. Patrick Wallis, St. Benedict, 12
4. Andres Leyva, Gibbs, 12   4. Calum McCroskey, McCallie, 12
5. Robbie Clark, Bradley Central, 12   5. Ben Barton, Montgomery Bell Academy, 11
6. Luke Humphreys, Dickson Co, 12   6. Nick Naughton, Father Ryan, 10
This week: Lopez dec Sells 3-1 in the Brentwood final.  Humphreys placed 4th at Science Hill. Clark placed 7th at Science Hill. Adam Wilson (Hendersonville) won Hendersonville.   This week: Popp was 4-1 for a 3rd place finish at SH, lone loss coming to Womack (Scottsboro, AL).  Hataway was 3rd at GP with a 4-1 record, loss coming Sells (Blackman) 7-4.  Wallis was 1-0 at DD.  McCroskey moved down from 170 going 3-2 and finishing 5th at GP, losing 3-0 to Sells and 5 match rule for 5th.  Naughton was 1-2 at SH.
170 lbs   170lbs
1. Keagan Matlock, Heritage, 12    1. Barrett Walthall, Christian Brothers, 12
2. Chad Solomon, Maryville, 10   2. Mason Mingus, Franklin Road Academy, 12
3. Tyler Crane, Clarksville, 12   3. Ryan Parker, Baylor, 9
4. Garrett Alexander, Soddy Daisy, 11   4. John Hagey, Father Ryan, 11
5. Sean Kennedy, Riverdale, 10   5. Cody Burchwell, Pope John Paul, 12
6. Chase Gregory, Walker Valley, 12   6. Dave Matthews, Webb, 12
This week: Crane dec Kennedy in a dual. Derrick Tucker (Germantown) won Hendersonville.  Crane placed 2nd at Brentwood.  Alexander placed 3rd at Science Hill.  Chase Gregory (Walker Valley) dec Connor Rahrborough (K. Halls) 5-3.    This week: Walthall won GP West defeating Crane (Clarksville) 12-8 in finals.  Clements not wrestling for Baylor and rumors have him shifting weights so he is removed until his weightclass is settled.  Mingus went 4-1 at GP finishing 3rd with lone loss a fall to Crane.    Parker won SH with a 5-0 record including a 13-7 win over Hagey.  Hagey was 5th with a 4-1 record.  Burchwell was 2nd at Sycamore losing to Myers (Wilson Central).
182 lbs   182 lbs
1. Ethan West, Cleveland, 11   1. Nathan Hoodenpyle, McCallie, 11
2. Blaike Henry, Soddy Daisy, 12   2. Mike Ewards, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Stephen Wilson, Fulton, 12   3. Houston Hooker, Father Ryan, 11
4. Jordan Davis, Cordova, 12   4. Cooper Reiniche, Baylor, 9
5. Hazma Yunis, Kenwood, 11   5. Jacob Cretin, Brentwood Academy, 10
6. Brailen Brown, Jefferson Co, 12   6. Cole Euverard, Montgomery Bell Academy, 10
This week:  West won Brentwood.  Yunis won Sycamore and was voted MOW. Brown is reported 33-0 on the year.   This week:  Hoodenpyle was 2nd at GP losing 11-5 to West (Cleveland).  Edwards was 4-1 at GP tieing for 3rd due to 5-match rule where he would have wresteld Meyer (Franklin) who defeated him in 1st round.  Hooker was 4-1 and finished 3rd at SH.  Reiniche was 1-2 at SH.
195 lbs   195 lbs
1. Scottie Boykin, Riverdale, 12   1. Franklin Garstin, Montgomery Bell Academy, 12
2. Bryson Begley, Dobyns Bennett, 12   2. Corbin McOlgan, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Billy Raulson, Walker Valley, 11   3. Blake Douglass, Fayette Academy, 12
4. Oleg Stukanov, Cleveland, 12   4. Robert Norred, Baylor, 11
5. Chase Brunson, Morristown-East, 12   5. Ben Stacey, Father Ryan, 9
6. Trevor Shropshire, Daniel Boone, 12   6. Joshua Greer, Brentwood Academy, 11
This week: Kristen Kellum (Germantown) pinned Deonte Greenwade (Beech) in the Hendersonville final. Stukanov placed 2nd at Brentwood.   This week: McOlgan was 3-0 at GP defeating Stukanov (Cleveland) 14-11 in finals.  Douglass was 3-0 at DD.  Norred was 4-1 and finished 5tha t SH.  Stacey did not wrestle at SH as Father Ryan had no 195 entrant.  Patterson (Pope John Paul) was 2nd at Sycamore losing by fall to Venutti (Independence).
220 lbs   220 lbs
1. T.J. Satterfield, William Blount, 12   1. Amos Mason, Brentwood Academy, 12
2. John Kramer, Wilson Central, 10   2. Morris Eguakun, Montgomery Bell Academy, 12
3. Rex Shotts, Ravenwood, 10   3. Casey Cook, McCallie, 12
4. Josh Filby, Franklin, 10   4. Jeremy Brandon, Christian Brothers, 11
5. Jebediah Davis, Heritage, 11   5. John Schnissrauter, Baylor, 10
6. Dakota Sullivan, Dickson Co, 12   6. Brandon Christy, Father Ryan, 12
This week: Kramer won Sycamore. Shotts defeated Filby en route to 2nd place at Brentwood. Damien Hayes (Science Hill) was pinned by Dakota Sullivan (Dickson Cnty) at Science Hill.  Justice Houston (Germantown) won Hendersonville.   This week: Cook won GP with a 10-7 dec over Shotts (Ravenwood) in the finals.  CBHS started DJ Palmore at 220 with Palmore going 4-1 and finishing 3rd defeating Filby (Franklin) 9-3 with his lone loss being a 12-6 dec to Shotts in 1st round.  Schnissrauter moved down to 220 at SH where he finished 6th with a 2-2 record that included another 1-0 win over Christy.  Christy was 1-2 at SH.
1. Bruno Reagan, Clarksville, 11   1. Jay Robertson, Montgomery Bell Academy, 11
2. Taylor Padony, Beech, 12   2. Drayke Armstrong, Christian Brothers, 12
3. Adrien Keeley, Bartlett, 12   3. Tucker York, Brentwood Academy, 11
4. C.T. Leavell, Farragut, 12   4. Madison Malone, Briarcrest, 11
5. Jeff Benson, Oakland, 12   5. 
6. Joey Evans, Heritage, 12   6. 
This week: Reagan pinned Koran Kennedy (Cleveland) in the Brentwood final.  Podany won Hendersonville.  Keeley won Sycamore.  Podany defeated Benson in the Hendersonville final.  Benson placed 3rd at Hendersonville.   This week:  Armstrong was 2-2 at GP losing by fall to Reagan in semi's and 9-1 to Wells (Blackman) in conso semi's.  With Schnissrauter and Christy moving down there are no clear wrestlers to rank below #4, these spots will remain open until someone establishes themselves.